Trained and recommended for demanding security services involving high to very high risk (armed/unarmed):

Personal protection/building security; close protection, executive transports

Our initial, thorough threat assessment serves as the basis for all our security services.
Our primary objective is to put together the best possible service package for a given threat potential, desired service level and client budget. Our DELTAs can provide professional security while dressed in suits and ties at corporate events or while wearing full riot gear in high-risk scenarios.

Our "Executive Transports" service is specifically intended for people looking for an intelligent combination of security and chauffeur services. It is ideal for CEOs who do not want to give security short shrift while working long hours, driving long distances, representing their company and attending business dinners.

These expert teams are trained by instructors with extensive experience in government personal protection (police/military police) in and outside Switzerland. Our teams receive special advanced training in the following disciplines:

  • Scouting/advance protection
  • Driving skills and tactical driving
  • Evacuation techniques in permissive environments
  • Advanced EMT training
  • Fire fighting
  • Shooting skills and tactics in adverse conditions

Private policing; deterrence, patrolling and incident response

Our field-tested core competency and market leadership!

All your high- to very high-risk assignments can be performed by well-equipped, highly trained people who have passed our proven, meticulous screening process.
Our private policing training program is constantly being enhanced and updated to reflect the latest threats and situations.

Event security; backup teams and access control

From open air concerts with 50,000 audience members to small, private art shows with VIPs to traditional small town business expos, our clients' events are as varied and diverse as their security needs.

DELTA (s/Consulting) can help you at any phase of your project: from developing an integrated security plan as part of the initial planning phase to making the final arrangements and preparations with you after arriving at the venue.

Our DELTA AT (Advanced Team) special unit is a highly trained, capable intervention team that was formed during EURO 2008.