Two HR departments for your security needs

Depending on the risk and risk potential of the requested services, we use either the 1st Human Resources division "DELTA" or the 2nd Human Resources division "BASIC" . Demanding protection services with a high risk potential are just as much a part of our core competence as the dutiful, competent handling of basic security needs using technology.

The task-matched, trained and equipped staff can be deployed unarmed or armed.

Personal / Property Protection & Executive Transport

The training and further education of these specialist teams is carried out by instructors, who have several years of experience in public safety (police / military police) at home and abroad.

Our complementary service "Executive Transports" is aimed specifically at people looking for a discreet combination of security and chauffeur services. Intended for all responsible persons (VRP, Managing Director / CEO, COO) during travel-intensive working days.

Security staff and presence, patrol and intervention work

Our proven and best proven core competence & market leadership!
For all assignments with a high risk potential, you will find top trained and suitably equipped employees.
Our security staff training has been and continues to evolve and adapt to changing situations and threats.

With the special unit DELTA AT (Advanced Team), we have an exceptionally competent and trained intervention team, which originated on the occasion of the European Football Championship "EURO 08".

Event security

An open air event with 50,000 spectators, a private vernissage in a small frame with VIPs or the traditional trade exhibition in the community, the events are as varied and diverse as their security needs.
These include, for example, the securing of assembly and dismantling phases, the admission and baggage checks, access controls, overnight security, guarding and monitoring of sensitive event material and ticketing (including cash payments, event billing).
If necessary, DELTA Consulting will offer you support already from the planning phase to develop an integral security concept.
In addition to the mentioned security tasks, we can provide you with all assistance services such as steward and hostess services, cloakroom handling, parking instructions, valet parking etc. via our sister company ServX AG .

The advantages of well-established personnel and leadership mechanisms, common means of communication and logistics as well as the mutual trust in the respective competencies are essential factors that speak for "one face to the customer" and thus for event success.

Dog Handler - Uses

Dog handler missions are an essential element of our protection services. Through regular aggregation in the form of trainings and job-specific training, we are able to professionally perform both the supposedly "simple" monitoring and surveillance operations of objects, event buildings and terrain sections, as well as "demanding" support work in event protection (mass coping).

This includes the use of our own explosive detection dogs to search particularly endangered premises, terrain sections or vehicles. The training is based on military principles.

Support law enforcement and correction

For years, DELTA has been assisting various cantons with security tasks related to law enforcement (public prosecutor's offices) and measures organization (pre-trial detention centers, action centres). Our customers can benefit from experienced, socially competent and specifically trained employees. 

Construction site safety including conception and integration of complex safety measures

DELTA has many years of proven expertise in the planning, design and implementation of comprehensive safety and logistics measures to ensure proper construction site operation.

In order to achieve our goals, we are always treading innovative paths and using state-of-the-art access control systems right through to biometric modules. Wherever possible and meaningful, we automate access processes for cost optimization.

Shop security (detective agency, surveillance)

In addition to the preventive and presence-based tasks, we actively support you, among other things, in the operation of video surveillance centres, the implementation of follow-up measures (deception, arrests, probation, transfers to the police) and fundamentally in the sales process (measures against confidence tricksters, etc.). 

Through years of experience in many shopping centres throughout Switzerland as well as especially at the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, we were able to acquire a high level of expertise in this field.

Transport Services (VD)

The deployed staff are trained, tested, equipped and equipped in accordance with prevailing regulations to be able to provide certain demanding services on public roads.