Learn from the best

Every day we put ourselves at risk both privately and commercially. Dangers we know and those we have no idea about. Dangers that we fear and those that we do not care. Dangers we are prepared for and those that surprise us at the most unfavorable moment. The challenge is not to ignore or avoid these dangers, but to accept them and deal with them.


Who is DELTA Academy?

DELTAgroup has learned in nearly three decades how to meet the ever-increasing dangers and risks. In psychological, legal as well as in tactical and technical terms. This knowledge is also accessible for external needs through the DELTA Academy.  

We have instructors with many years of experience in deployment and training. Our training methods and lessons are practical and realistic. The aim of the training, seminars and trainings is to avoid the dangers:

  • to be attentive and focused and not to take a victim role.
  • be confident and sure in any confrontation and show no signs of weakness.
  • be prepared and competent in any challenge, without being surprised. 

Our offerings are aimed at security companies, companies, government agencies, groups as well as individuals who need to prevent potential risks.  

Our training offers are divided into 3 sections:


For detailed information please contact us without any obligation 071 626 7020 or academy[at]delta.ch.