Because we like assuming responsibility for people’s SECURITY.

Our "reason why"

Our aspiration
We aspire to be Switzerland’s leading company for "Security @its best" and "major event services" as well as to provide high-quality advice and training expertise.

Our guiding principles

We assume responsibility for the security of our clients day after day, displaying passionate and unwavering commitment. Being forward-looking is part of our identity.


We believe in what we do and always try to get the best for our clients and employees. We view obstacles as challenges and failures as an incentive to improve.


We keep things simple and clear. We do what we say and keep to agreements. By pooling resources, we get through even the most difficult of times. By assuming responsibility, we live and breathe empowerment and strengthen our positions, while partnerships strengthen our foundations.


We adopt a proactive approach and are aware that change is the only constant. We embrace new things and always see the opportunities as well as considering the risks. We also want to understand our clients’ needs so that we can keep improving. To this end, we communicate promptly and directly with clients, without forgetting our employees.

Vision & Mission Statement

You can be SECURE in the knowledge that we are the answer you’re looking for, as our expertise has been building trust since 1991. We adopt an unwavering, passionate and forward-looking approach to motivate our employees and delight our clients.

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