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DELTAgroup Consulting
DELTAgroup Consulting advises companies, organisations, private individuals and associations on security issues, with an unwavering focus on the security of your employees, customers and values, around which we build the integral security concept.  

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

Companies, events and projects have increasingly stringent security requirements.

  • You’re not sure of exactly which fire regulations to follow.
  • You’re grappling with maximum crowd density issues.
  • You’ve contacted the authorities to obtain approval for an event, but you’ve spent hours on the phone and still haven’t got through to the right person.
  • You need to submit a risk analysis or security concept but don’t know where to start.
  • You’d like to give your team crisis management or response training but aren’t really getting anywhere.

If this sounds like you, DELTAgroup Consulting could be just the answer you’re looking for. With numerous years of experience managing complex assignments, analysing security-related issues and developing security concepts, we’re sure we’ll be able to assist you.

All the advice you need

We work together with our clients to ascertain and analyse the current situation and then develop and implement bespoke solutions. We can provide our clients with long-term support and help them to continually refine their implemented security measures.
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Our consultancy services

We develop security concepts, take on security and crowd management assignments at major events, review the effectiveness of defined measures, and train your employees in crisis management processes.
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Consulting – security advice

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