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DELTAgroup Academy
Drawing on our 30 years of experience, we impart the skills that create and maintain security day after day, focussing on the assignment and the client. Here, our aims are to create realistic experiences for the participants and build a sustainable community. Advanced training, a drive for innovation and process optimisation are part of our identity.

The DELTAgroup Academy is the DELTAgroup’s training organisation, providing basic and advanced training for all DELTAgroup employees. With around 45 instructors, we also impart our skills in many disciplines to clients – companies, pubic authorities, educational and teaching staff, and others (incl. private individuals) – drawing on the tried-and-trusted know-how we have continually built up ever since DELTA Security AG was formed in 1991. The DELTAgroup Academy is an eduQua-certified educational organisation.

Our services for the general public

The following modules are open to all interested parties and can be taken without restrictions. On request, we can also arrange for certain modules to be taught at our clients’ sites.
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Our services for security personnel

The following modules are open to all interested parties and can be taken either without restrictions or following a background check. These are the same modules we use for in-house basic and advanced training at DELTAgroup, so they meet the highest quality standards.
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Our customised services

We can design bespoke training solutions for external organisations on request. In this case, we evaluate the specific requirements together with the client and then bring in our experts to compile an effective training programme comprising numerous specialist modules.
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Impressions from the DELTAgroup Academy

Our infrastructure, equipment and methodology


DELTAgroup’s operational headquarters in Brüttisellen has a state-of-the-art infrastructure that is fully geared towards training, including an auditorium, a dojo with changing rooms and showers, and a small cafeteria. Our infrastructure is also available to external clients and can be rented on request.


The DELTAgroup Academy has state-of-the-art training equipment that is continually adapted and augmented in line with the needs of the trainees.


Besides classic classroom training based on the "demonstrate and tryout" approach, we also adopt additional forms of training methodology wherever necessary. For this, we have a Learning Management System (LMS), which is used to convey theoretical learning content as well as conduct the majority of our learning reviews.

Our standards

eduQua, SRC, ADCS, Monadnock

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