Consultancy services

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Our consultancy services
We develop security concepts, take on security and crowd management assignments at major events, review the effectiveness of defined measures, and train your employees in crisis management processes.

Security concepts

The security concept describes the organisation from a security-related perspective, outlines measures taken and defines procedures to follow in the event of specific incidents.

  • Security concepts for everything from simple events to construction sites and infrastructure
  • Contingency planning (scenarios) and preparation of "if-then" decisions for specific incidents
  • Definition of emergency organisations

Security for major events

Major events are highly complex due to the congregation of large crowds of people.

  • Security management assignment
  • Operational management of all security staff at major events
  • Coordination of all security-related aspects between public authorities and promoter
  • Use of management information systems and applications

Crowd management

Crowd management describes how to deal with crowds of people and their behaviour.

  • Calculation of maximum occupancy rate
  • Adoption of measures to ensure a smooth flow of people
  • Optimum use of the available area, overcrowding prevention, provision of information, taking account of the time aspects

Efficacy review

It is essential to review existing security measures in order to assess their effectiveness.

  • Identification and elimination of vulnerabilities in infrastructure security systems and processes
  • Review of information security measures

Crisis management training

Only those who offer teaching and training on crisis management and response to specific incidents within an organisation identify vulnerabilities and are able to strengthen their measures.

  • Drills for operational personnel and management
  • Crisis management manuals for organisations
  • Crisis procedure training
  • Crisis communication
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