Compact BLS-AED-SRC course

Our certified basic life support (BLS) training

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Around 8,000 people a year suffer a cardiac arrest in Switzerland – and not even five percent of them survive it. The emergency services can only reach very few patients within the critical period of three to five minutes following the cardiac arrest. Immediate resuscitation measures in the form of CPR/BLS (basic life support) and the use of a defibrillator (AED) would enable far more of these people to survive.

Target group:

this course module is aimed at all adults seeking advanced BLS training.


Course duration:

1 hour


Learning objectives:

The participants:

  • Know the procedure for a structured response
  • Know the fundamentals of basic life support
  • Can use an AED safely and correctly
  • Can give a patient correct artificial respiration


Course cost:

CHF 90 per participant (groups on request)



After successfully completing the course, all participants receive an SRC certificate, which is valid for two years.



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