MEDIC fundamentals

Our first-aid training

We’ll get you ready for any incident
This module is part of our basic in-house training and prepares the participants for the challenges they will face when dealing with a wide range of medical emergencies.

Target group:

This course is aimed at anyone interested in first-aid measures. No previous knowledge is necessary.


Course duration:

3 hours


Learning objectives:

The participants:

  • Know the procedure for a structured response
  • Know how to protect themselves when performing first aid
  • Can assess a patient based on the SRC procedure
  • Know the fundamentals of basic life support
  • Know various first-aid grips and can apply these in practice
  • Can put a patient in the correct position, based on symptoms
  • Can stem dangerous bleeding
  • Know the measures required to care for patients


Course cost:

CHF 150 per participant (groups on request)



Participants receive a certificate to confirm that they have attended the DELTAgroup Academy



Registration for MEDIC fundamentals course

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