Pepper spray

Our pepper spray training

We’ll teach you how to use pepper spray
Use of pepper spray as a means of reasonable self-defence in the event of an unlawful assault.

Target group:

This course is aimed at anyone who encounters aggression during the course of their job and needs to use pepper spray in self-defence.


Course duration:

3 hours


Learning objectives:

The participants:

  • Know the basic legal requirements for using pepper spray
  • Know how the active components OC and PAVA work
  • Know the various types and forms of spray
  • Know the tactical pros and cons of various spray forms
  • Can use pepper spray correctly while ensuring that they protect themselves
  • Know the procedure for obtaining assistance after using pepper spray


Course cost:

CHF 190 per participant (groups on request)



Participants receive a certificate to confirm that they have attended the DELTAgroup Academy.



Registration for pepper spray course

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