Concert and event personnel

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Job profile

Concert and event personnel

Deployment regions

Greater Zurich area/Greater Bern area


Completed basic vocational training an advantage. Swiss citizen or settled foreign national (C permit). Minimum age 20 years, with clean background (no criminal record or entries on the debt register). Successfully completed basic in-house training at DELTAgroup.

Training duration

The paid basic training lasts two days and can be partly completed online. The basics include practical skills such as fire safety, first aid, radio operation, and security screening of people and their belongings, completed by theoretical content such as law and psychology. Various advanced training courses in different sectors are possible, depending on suitability and interest.

Typical working day

Employees in this line of work generally work on a part-time basis from Monday to Sunday. Their shifts last three to five hours and mostly start at around 5 p.m. Tasks include checking tickets as well as security screening of people and their bags. Event personnel may also need to monitor defined areas, keep emergency exits clear and patrol no-access areas. They may also need to provide transport services or operate barrier systems, depending on the event venue. An appropriate uniform is provided by the employer for these assignments.


We work in places where there’s lots going on. Our event staff also get a look behind the scenes at major events such as concerts and often have direct contact with famous artists. The shorter shift times make this an ideal second job and allow for flexible planning.


Exposure to the elements at open-air events, for example. In most cases, staff are on their feet the whole time.

Requirement profile and development opportunities

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