Crowd and riot control security specialist

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Job profile

Crowd and riot control security specialist

Deployment regions

Greater Zurich area/Greater Bern area


Completed vocational education and training (VET) or Swiss Maturity Diploma or equivalent diploma. Swiss citizen or settled/resident foreign national (C/B permit). Minimum age 20 years, with clean background (no criminal record or entries on the debt register). Successfully completed basic in-house training at DELTAgroup.

Training duration

The paid basic training lasts two days and can be partly completed online. The basics include practical skills such as fire safety, first aid, radio operation, and security screening of people and their belongings, completed by theoretical content such as law and psychology. The basic training is supplemented by seven further modules covering unarmed self-defence, multipurpose baton use, and crowd and riot control.

Typical working day

Crowd and riot control security specialists mainly work at sporting events, which take place on weekday evenings or at weekends. Shifts generally last between four and six hours and involve working in a team of several people. Staff in this line of work need good mental and physical stamina. Our specialists provide assistance for access control and systematically intervene in the event of altercations. Staff have an appropriate uniform and protective equipment for these assignments, as well as a multipurpose baton and pepper spray. All equipment is provided by the employer.


The shorter shift times make part-time working possible. Extensive support in this client segment means that assignments can be planned on a regular basis. Assignments are in an exciting and challenging environment, in which great importance is attached to team camaraderie.


Crowd and riot control assignments have a high risk potential. Employees are confronted with physical attacks and must be capable of dealing with this physically and mentally. Our crowd and riot control specialists therefore undergo thorough and regular training.

Requirement profile and development opportunities

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