Event and concert support

Our employees make the difference

Impressions from the field

Job profile

Event and concert support

Deployment regions

Greater Zurich area


Completed basic vocational training an advantage. Swiss citizen or settled foreign national (C permit). Minimum age 20 years, with clean background (no criminal record or entries on the debt register). Successfully completed basic in-house training at DELTAgroup.

Training duration

Training is provided on the job by the existing team.

Typical working day

Event and concert helpers help the tour crews load and unload vehicles as well as assemble and disassemble temporary infrastructure such as stages, sound systems and lighting rigs. They really pitch in and have the necessary physical capabilities. Shifts are variable and can last from 3 to 14 hours. Other roles are possible, including transport services, catering, servicing the artists’ dressing rooms or similar activities that help the tour run smoothly – depending on suitability and interest. Some appropriate work clothing is provided by the employer for these assignments.


Our staff in the event and concert support sector work in a dynamic environment. The time flies by, and each tour offers new experiences and exciting contacts in an international environment. As the workload varies from assignment to assignment, this field of work will appeal to staff who want to be flexible in their work planning.


The working days can be long and require staff with plenty of stamina. Some of the work is outdoors in bad weather, exposing the staff to the elements.

Requirement profile

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