BASIC personnel division

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Fields of activity
Staff from our BASIC personnel division are called into action for assignments with limited risk potential. This particularly includes areas such as construction site security, guarding & monitoring, in-store security, property protection, non-conflict crowd control, etc.


Height: no minimum requirement
Combat sport experience: advantageous
Experience in the security sector: six months or more
Age: 20 to 50 years
Education/training: completed apprenticeship, A levels or equivalent
Languages: fluent speaker of the regional language; understanding of the local dialect; knowledge of foreign languages desirable
Background check: no criminal record or entries on the debt register


Attending the introductory meeting, which includes the job interview.


There is a selection process for all BASIC training. All applicants must prove themselves on a demanding training course and pass regular assessments.

Before being deployed, staff in the second personnel division must successfully complete the following training modules:

Basic training

  • Fire safety
  • Service theories
  • Radio operation
  • Communication
  • Medic Level 1
  • Security screening of people and their belongings
  • Psychology
  • Law

Extended basic training

  • Basic unarmed self-defence

Applicants deemed suitable can undergo BASIC AT (Advanced Team) training. Applicants with this profile are deployed on assignments with high risk potential and complete the following additional modules in our extended basic training programme:

  • Advanced unarmed self-defence
  • Multipurpose (police) baton use
  • Team tactics
  • Basic crowd and riot control
  • Advanced crowd and riot control (with intervention)
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