Completed DELTA course

DELTAgroup is Switzerland’s leading provider of crowd and riot control (CRC) personnel. Our highly qualified CRC staff are deployed at sporting events with high risk potential. A number of candidates completed their DELTA personnel division training by passing the "CRC intervention" module a few weeks back. On the last two training days, the prospective CRC III staff learned the fundamentals of CRC before performing a series of exercises in realistic scenarios.

Training process

Besides the mandatory basic training, staff proposed for the DELTA personnel division complete additional unarmed self-defence, multipurpose baton and team tactics modules. Having completed all preceding selective training sequences, the candidates also have to pass an assessment, during which their character suitability is examined and evaluated.

A demanding final training module

All previously learned resources are brought together in the final module, "CRC intervention". Equipped with heavy body armour, CRC helmet and additional protectors, the candidates learn the operational information and tactics at group level. They are faced with challenging scenarios in the form of practical exercises, accompanied by experienced instructors who correct them wherever necessary.

Training in three national languages

Despite having spent over thirty years in this field, last weekend marked a pleasing premiere for our DELTAgroup Academy training organisation. Employees were introduced to CRC fundamentals in German, French and Italian – a challenge not to be underestimated, which our expert instructors overcame with flying colours. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the successful candidates and wish them every success in their future operations. The newly learned expertise will now be put into practice through an always appropriate use of resources that will benefit various sporting events.

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