Preparation for professional exams

Three more employees successfully completed the in-house preparatory course for the "Certified Security Specialist (Guarding) with Federal Diploma of Higher Education" professional exam at the DELTAgroup Academy last month. The exams have now taken place at the VSSU (our professional association).

Starting position

Any employee looking to establish themselves in the Swiss security industry for the long term has to sit the professional exam set by industry association VSSU. A Diploma of Higher Education is proof of extensive knowledge and qualifies the employees to take on additional tasks within the company. In accordance with the compulsory collective labour agreement, holders of a Diploma of Higher Education are entitled to additional pay benefits. DELTAgroup actively encourages its employees to become certified specialists by completing advanced training.

In-house offering

The DELTAgroup Academy has designed a bespoke course to help candidates prepare for the "Certified Security Specialist (Guarding) with Federal Diploma of Higher Education" professional exam. This course provides them with the skills they need to successfully pass the professional exams. The advanced training lasts around eight days and includes a two-day simulation of possible practical assignments on the day of the professional exam. The complete course is also open to external participants.

What clients are asking for

More and more clients are asking for staff who have a Diploma of Higher Education, especially during tendering processes. It’s proof that the title of "Certified Security Specialist (Guarding) with Federal Diploma of Higher Education" has established itself in recent years. As the market leader when it comes to quality, DELTAgroup is aware of this development and will continue to invest a massive amount in the further development of its personnel over the coming years.




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