The DELTAgroup supports the "speziell-genial" association

Not for the first time, the DELTAgroup this year decided to support the "speziell-genial" association, which is dedicated to helping people with special needs, instead of sending fancy gifts to our clients.

The "speziell-genial" association is a network of educators, therapists and people committed to social causes, who have set themselves the task of assisting and supporting children, adolescents and adults with and without special needs in their everyday lives – be their problems of a physical, mental or psychological nature.

To this end, the association also helps the socially disadvantaged to make the most of hippotherapy, timeouts, interventions and other offerings. It therefore gives those affected the opportunity to alleviate and improve their health situation.

There are many different ways to ensure security. It may be a ServX employee who screens people and their belongings at an event, or a DELTA team intervening to protect innocent bystanders... plus there’s the security of knowing that, even in difficult times, there are people who can take care of a person, assist them and offer them sustainable support. We want to support the "speziell-genial" association in all of this because we like assuming responsibility for people’s SECURITY.

For more information about the "speziell-genial" association, please visit:


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