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In-house staff

Deployment regions

Brüttisellen (canton of Zurich)/Weinfelden (canton of Thurgau)


Completed vocational education and training (VET) specific to the assignment or Swiss Maturity Diploma or equivalent diploma. Swiss citizen or settled foreign national (C permit). Clean background (no criminal record or entries on the debt register).


Provided by the particular organisational unit. Supplemented by briefer insights into the other DELTAgroup divisions. Completion of the basic training that is mandatory for our field employees is also recommended in order to gain a better understanding of the range of services we offer.

Human Resources department

Employees in this department take care of the entire HR life cycle for our staff. They work in recruitment, onboarding, support and development, and coordinate closely with both the training organisation and the deployment management team. Employees in this organisational unit generally have professional qualifications such as Personal Assistant or Certified HR Specialist with Federal Diploma of Higher Education.

DELTAgroup Academy department

As an in-house training organisation, the DELTAgroup Academy is responsible for sustainable training of all DELTAgroup field staff. To this end, the staff devise suitable basic and advanced training modules. They are also in charge of scheduling upcoming training assignments for around 45 external instructors. The staff responsible for these tasks generally have a Federal Diploma of Higher Education in the security domain (e.g. Certified Personal Security Specialist) as well as additional educational qualifications (SVEB 1 or Certified Instructor with Federal Diploma of Higher Education).

Deployment Management department

Employees in this department are in charge of operational planning for our field staff. They also actively consult with our clients, draft instructions and coordinate the logistical issues surrounding their assigned tasks. Staff in this organisational unit are all career jumpers. They are excellent at working under pressure and have outstanding communication skills and a networked mindset. Their induction into this field of activity takes place on the job, supported by experienced staff.

Finance & Accounting department

Our Finance & Accounting department deals with accounts payable and receivable as well as financial and operational accounting. Staff in this department generally have professional qualifications such as Certified Accountant or Certified Finance and Accounting Specialist with Federal Diploma of Higher Education.

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